BriaCell Discovers Gene Signature of BriaVax(TM) Cancer Vaccine Consistent With Exceptional Efficacy in Clinical Trial

BERKELEY, CA and VANCOUVER, BC–(Marketwired – March 29, 2016) – BriaCell Therapeutics Corp.(“BriaCell” or the “Company”)(TSX VENTURE: BCT) (BCTXF) is very pleased to announce that it has discovered a gene signature potentially explaining why its BriaVax™ cancer vaccine was exceptionally efficacious in a clinical trial subject with stage IV breast cancer. Data will be presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) next month. The Company has focused its research efforts on identifying links between its cancer vaccine and responding patients.

“After sorting through tens of thousands of genes, it’s very exciting to find a coherent set of biomarkers that may allow us to better understand the remarkable response observed in the previous Phase-I clinical trial,” commented Dr. Markus Lacher, Head of BriaCell R&D. “We believe that the identification of this gene signature not only demonstrates the strength of our R&D program but also provides a foundation for a mechanism of action.”

Understanding the mechanism of action (MoA) of BriaVax™, i.e., how the vaccine works, is a critical component of the path to BriaDx™, a companion diagnostic for prospectively identifying patients with a high likelihood of benefitting from BriaVax™. The Company believes that the discovered gene signature is a crucial element in the MoA, and could thus support BriaCell’s efforts in identifying patients for whom BriaVax™ may be most efficacious. BriaCell’s mission is to serve late-stage cancer patients with no other treatment options. The Company hopes to offer an attractive alternative, one which would combine the BriaDx™ companion diagnostic, together with the BriaVax™ cancer vaccine. Identifying those patients most likely to benefit from BriaVax™, would only serve to enhance the lives of patients, by offering a more comprehensive solution with a higher success rate.

Presentation of R&D at AACR

BriaCell will present a research study on the aforementioned research, mechanism of action of its lead cancer vaccine BriaVax™, at the Annual American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) meeting in New Orleans on April 18th2016. The study, a molecular analyses of both BriaVax™ and blood specimens from patients treated therewith, identified a gene signature potentially explaining why a clinical trial subject responded to BriaVax™ with exceptionally strong regression of even stage IV, metastatic, tumors including brain metastases (reported by Wiseman and Kharazi, Breast J. 2006;12(5):475-80). The abstract of the Company’s AACR meeting presentation is available at{1D10D749-4B6A-4AB3-BCD4-F80FB1922267}

About BriaCell

BriaCell is an immuno-oncology biotechnology company which recently received FDA authorization to advance into a Phase-IIa clinical trial for advanced breast cancer and possibly other cancer types.

The Company has demonstrated highly unique and promising results in its Phase-I, and is intent on building upon these results to further advance BriaVax™ through FDA Clinical Trials in order to help cancer patients with no other options. The results of two FDA Phase-I clinical trials, one conducted using BriaVax™, the other using a related vaccine, have been encouraging in terms of both safety and efficacy in patients with advanced breast cancer. Most uniquely, BriaCell has achieved these results in patients who had prior failed the available therapies including various kinds of chemotherapy. In some cases, the survival was three to five times longer than expected. The results were targeted, with little to no side effects, and were achieved rapidly, with regression occurring within 6 weeks.

In one patient, cancer regressed at all sites, including lesions in the breast, lung, and even brain. Again, results were seen rapidly and with little to no adverse side effects.

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