Personalized Off-The-Shelf Immunotherapy

Bria-OTS™: Personalized Off-the-Shelf Immunotherapy

    BriaCell recently initiated patient enrollment in First-in-Human study of Bria-OTS(TM) in advanced metastatic breast cancer

    The study is listed on as NCT06471673.

  • We believe Bria-IMT™ is most effective in HLA – type matched patients
  • Bria-OTS™ is engineered to express 15 unique HLA types in 4 independent cell lines
  • Provides matched treatment to greater than 99% of patients with advanced breast cancer
  • Simple saliva test determines patient HLA type for delivery of personalized off-the-shelf Bria-OTS™ immunotherapy
  • Each patient will then be treated with the appropriate pre-manufactured Bria-OTS™ formulation
  • This approach allows personalized treatment without the need for personalized manufacturing. Additionally, it saves time and skips expensive and complicated manufacturing procedures associated with other personalized immunotherapy treatments
  • BriaCell received a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant from the National Cancer Institute (NCI) to further develop Bria-OTS™
  • Ongoing collaboration with the NCI to investigate the Bria-OTS™ mechanism action
  • BriaCell has secured numerous US and international patents for Bria-OTS™
  • Similar cell lines in development for prostate cancer (Bria-Pros™), lung cancer (Bria-Lung™), and melanoma (Bria-Mel™) including enhanced ability to activate resting (naïve) T cells

      Bria-OTS™: Off-the-Shelf Personalized Immunotherapy