BriaDX™ is a diagnostic test that BriaCell is developing based on the expression of specific biomarkers in the responder (i.e. the patients for which Bria-IMT™ immunotherapy was highly effective) vs the non-responder patients from clinical studies of Bria-IMT™ in advanced breast cancer patients.

Blood and tumor samples from the patients are analyzed using cutting-edge technologies including gene expression analysis, and proteomics (i.e., defined as the large-scale study of the structure and function of proteins).

We have been characterizing the molecular fingerprint of the responder patients, and have developed a diagnostic test, BriaDX™, to identify these patients.

The insights gained from biomarker studies conducted to date have provided us with a solid basis for the development of Bria-OTS™, an off-the-shelf personalized immunotherapy which would treat up to 99% of patients with advanced breast cancer.