Bria-OTS™: Off-the-Shelf Personalized Immunotherapy

  • We believe our cellular immunotherapy is most effective when the patient’s HLA-type matches the Bria-IMT™ HLA-type.
  • We are engineering 15 unique HLA types (molecules) into Bria-IMT™, collectively referred to as Bria-OTS™, allowing for matching of over 99% of patients with advanced breast cancer.
  • A simple saliva test is used to determine the HLA-type of each patient.
  • Each patient will then be treated with the appropriate pre-manufactured Bria-OTS™ formulation.
  • Similar cell lines are in development for prostate cancer, lung cancer, and melanoma.
  • A pre-clinical Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) is in place with the National Cancer Institute (USA) to investigate the Bria-OTS™ mechanism of action.
  • This approach allows personalized treatment without the need for personalized manufacturing. Additionally, it saves time, and skips expensive and complicated manufacturing procedures associated with other personalized immunotherapy treatments.

Bria-OTS™ : Off-the-Shelf Personalized Immunotherapy

Bria-OTS™ Immunotherapy Covers ~99% of the Breast Cancer Population