Bria-OTS™ Off-the-Shelf Personalized Immunotherapy

  • Bria-OTS™ is under development as an off-the-shelf personalized immunotherapy for advanced breast cancer.
  • The concept for Bria-OTS™ comes from BriaCell’s work with Bria-IMT™, where we noted that if a patient “matches” Bria-IMT™ in their HLA type, they were more likely to respond.
  • HLA molecules are the molecules that start immune responses, but are polymorphic – i.e. they are different in different in different people, although some people will share HLA types.
  • Bria-OTS™ is made from cell lines that are genetically engineered to expresses the immune boosters GM-CSF and interferon-α, as well as specific HLA types (a.k.a. alleles).
  • Different cell lines are being pre-manufactured to express different HLA types covering ~99% of the overall breast cancer patient population.
  • Using the BriaDX™, a companion diagnostic test performed on the patient’s saliva, the suitable personalized treatment will be selected for each patient for administration.
  • This approach allows personalized treatment without the need for personalized manufacturing. Additionally, it saves time, and skips expensive and complicated manufacturing procedures associated with other personalized treatments.
  • Bria-OTS™ is on track to enter the clinic in 2021

Bria-OTS™ and BriaDX™ Off-the-Shelf Immunotherapy