Bria-OTS™ Off-the-Shelf Personalized Immunotherapy

  • Bria-OTS™ expresses both GM-CSF and interferon-α PLUS patient-specific matching HLA types
  • Cell lines will be pre-manufactured which express HLA alleles covering ~99% of the overall population
  • Using the BriaDX™ companion diagnostic, the off-the-shelf alleles will be matched and selected for each specific patient prior to treatment
  • Therefore, each patient will have a personalized mix and match of off-the-shelf alleles
  • Personalized therapy without the need for personalized manufacturing
  • Bria-OTS™ is on track to enter the clinic in 2019

Bria-OTS™ and BriaDX™ Off-the-Shelf Immunotherapy

These allele combinations cover/match with ~99% of the advanced breast cancer population