Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is BriaCell™ Therapeutics Corp.’s business?

    BriaCell Therapeutics Corp. (BriaCell™) is an immuno-oncology company which develops immunotherapy treatments for cancer. BriaCell™ is currently focused on the clinical development of BriaVax™ as a 2nd line treatment for patients with advanced forms of breast cancer. In two Phase I clinical trials in Stage IV breast cancer patients who had failed prior treatments, the lifespan of the patients was significantly extended by BriaVax™ in some cases by fivefold. The tumor regression occurred rapidly with few side effects. Additionally, tumor regression was observed in other sites including the lung and the brain.

  2. What is BriaCell™ Therapeutics Corp.’s ticker symbol, exchange, and CUSIP?

    BriaCell™ Therapeutics Corp.’s ticker is BCTXF, and traded on OTCQB. It CUSIP number is 10778Y104. BriaCell™ Therapeutics Corp. also trades on TSX Venture exchange (BCT.V) and its CUSIP number is 10778, and at Burse Frankfurt (8BT).

  3. When was BriaCell™ Therapeutics Corp. founded?

    BriaCell™ Therapeutics Corp. was incorporated as a private Delaware company on April 3, 2014. On November 27, 2014, BriaCell™ Therapeutics Corp. completed it’s Initial Public Offering (IPO), raised $US2.0 million, and began trading at TSX Venture (BCT.V). BriaCell™ Therapeutics Corp. is currently listed on OTCQB (BCTXF), and on Burse Frankfurt (8BT).

  4. How many of the Company’s shares are outstanding?

    As of Dec 27, 2018, 162.67 million of the Company’s shares were outstanding.

  5. When is the next earnings release?

    BriaCell™ Therapeutics Corp.’s quarterly earnings reports are tentatively scheduled to be released prior to 60 days following a quarter-end and prior to 120 days following the year-end. All earnings releases are posted on our Web site.

  6. What are BriaCell™ Therapeutics Corp.’s fiscal year and corresponding quarter-end dates?

    We operate on a fiscal year that runs from Aug 1 to July 31. Quarter-ends are: Oct 31 (Q1), Jan 31 (Q2), April 30 (Q3) and July 31 (Q4).

  7. How can I get on an e-mail list to receive all press releases?

    To automatically receive e-mail alerts for the information categories that interest you, please click on E-mail Alerts and submit your e-mail address.

  8. Who are BriaCell™ Therapeutics Corp.’s Independent Chartered Public Accountants?

    MNP LLP, Chartered Accountants, is BriaCell™ Therapeutics Corp.’s independent auditor.

  9. How many employees does BriaCell Therapeutics Corp. have?

    As of Dec 27, 2018, BriaCell™ Therapeutics Corp. had 5 employees, of whom 2 are executive and administrative personnel, and 3 are research & development scientists.

  10. Who is BriaCell™ Therapeutics Corp.’s transfer agent and registrar?

    Computershare Investor Services Inc. currently acts as the Company’s transfer agent and registrar.